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Cosmos Prashil

Emanated in the year 1985, SGMG Group has become one of the leading real estate companies in Siliguri.

Having completed a plethora of notable townships, office buildings, residential and commercial complexes, we strive to achieve high-quality standards and innovate ourselves to meet the demands of the people with the highest levels of trust, honesty, and service.

The group’s vision is guided by performance with purpose. Our goal is to create neighbourhoods to live in, healthy environments to work in, centres of excellence where our country’s future will blossom and malls that will serve as a complete family destination.

We take pride in our client service and have always made sure that our offers are in line with the real estate market’s current environment.

The group’s explosive growth has been made possible by a distinctive customer-centric business model and a track record of innovation and excellence.

Core Values

Guided by its vision of ‘performance with purpose’, SGMG group strives to create healthy neighbourhoods and excellent lifestyles by building comprehensive and commercially viable complexes.

Our guiding principle is straightforward. Our main values are dependability and quality, and we strive to uphold them in every project we take on. We are able to fulfil our clients’ needs by paying attention to what they are saying and taking the time to comprehend them. We take great pride in regularly providing our clients with amazing spaces on schedule, and we would do so forever.



Group's Success Story